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More people are becoming interested in the positive effects of cannabinoids. While CBD brands are dominating the market, other cannabinoids and terpene combinations are slowly gaining popularity. With further studies, we learn that other compounds, even in small quantities, also deliver many potential positive effects to humans. Our body’s endocannabinoid system receives these cannabinoids to achieve a healthy equilibrium. A unique ingredient becoming increasingly popular is CBG, but what is CBG, exactly?

At LUFF Brands, we develop high-quality CBD, CBG, and CBN products, and we make sure you know what goes into every product. We hope to shine a light on lesser-known cannabinoids that have potential health benefits, such as CBG.


Also derived from hemp, CBG (cannabigerol) is only present in small quantities, and that is why it is considered a minor cannabinoid. With less than 1% in most strains, CBG is still worth learning for its many potential uses. Many initial studies suggest that CBG may have great therapeutic potential; chief among these are benefits towards pain and inflammation. 

So, why is there a sudden interest in the cultivation of hemp strains containing more CBG? Because of low quantities, companies are experimenting to further the creation of strains with more CBG content. Through crossbreeding and gene manipulation, scientists are hoping to create hemp strains with more amounts of CBG.

CBG is the precursor of creating all other cannabinoids. The cannabis plant produces cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is broken down by enzymes and directed to 3 main cannabinoid lines: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), the base molecules that cannabinoids form from including THC, CBD, and CBC.

Understanding the nature of compounds can help in understanding the creation of CBG. When exposed to UV light and heat, these acids become THC and CBD. In the plant, most of the CBGA is converted to THCA or CBDA— resulting in especially small amounts of CBG.

Even though in minute quantities, CBG is referred to as the “stem cell” of cannabinoids not only for being the precursor but also due to its countless health benefits. We can’t look away and dismiss the therapeutic potential of CBG. The early research looks very promising, yet there is still a need for us to continue on this path of discovery.


CBG and CBD are different compounds synthesized from the cannabis plant. They are both cannabinoids, but the former is a precursor.

Both CBG and CBD are non-intoxicating, which only means they won’t give you a “high” (as with THC) or interfere with your daily function and mental clarity.

However, it is important to note that both have shown to have properties that may potentially calm and alleviate anxiety. CBG is not “the new CBD” in the sense that they may have similar therapeutic effects, but actually, they serve different purposes. But in terms of consumer interest, CBG is gaining popularity and may potentially be on many people’s radar like CBD.

As mentioned, CBG only exists in small quantities. CBG production is expensive. Companies must harvest plants at an early stage to catch the compound before they are converted to other cannabinoids. To maximize CBG yield, they have to sacrifice whole crops. Expensive chromatography equipment is required to extract CBG.

The only way to get the costs down is to breed hemp strains containing higher CBG amounts. CBG will soon become a household name like CBD when breeders can figure out how to produce high-yield CBG plants. CBG will remain more expensive than CBD in the near future. You can find a list of all of LUFF’s products containing CBG, like our ASSIST line of products, in our LUFF SHOP.


No, CBG is non-intoxicating, just like CBD. and there are no major adverse side-effects to CBG. 

Research is still in the initial stages, but the potential benefits with no high are so promising and hard to pass up.


With more consumers showing interest in CBG, brands are beginning to take notice. At LUFF Brands, we receive a lot of questions and requests for brands with CBG in combination with other cannabinoids. It is our mission to make sure that you have the right information regarding all the products we sell on the site.

We aim to provide you with quality and safe products containing the right amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids (including CBG). We always make sure products deliver what they promise.

CBG has a multitude of potential health and therapeutic benefits. Below are some of them, as seen on early research results, if you’re interested in further research:

* We do want to make a note that all of this is preclinical research and CBG is not currently approved to treat or cure any of these ailments. Talk to your doctor about any medical issues you may have concerns with.

  • CBG as antibacterial agent: Research shows that CBG is effective against Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), methicillin-resistant microbial strains that are highly resistant to most pharmaceutical antibiotics.
  • CBG for eye health: By reducing intraocular pressure, a study showed that CBG could be. Activating endocannabinoid receptors in the eye, CBG decreases tension and helps with the draining of fluids.
  • CBG for nerve cell health: A study showed that CBG has neuroprotective properties that may normalize the expression of abnormal genes associated with brain degeneration.
  • CBG for inflammation: CBG may help in inflammatory bowel disease. A study has shown that it helps control inflammatory bowel diseases Skin diseases brought about by inflammation have also demonstrated a positive response to CBG.
  • CBG for skin treatment: CBG helps in regulating skin development, it inhibits the thickening and reddening of the skin, symptoms associated with Psoriasis.

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