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From NFL legends like Super Bowl-winner Rob Gronkowski to women’s soccer great Megan Rapinoe, a growing number of the world’s biggest sports stars are aligning themselves with CBD.

Thanks to the demands of professional sports, top athletes put a lot of strain and stress on their bodies and minds. So it’s perhaps no surprise to see so many of the planet’s most recognizable stars lining up to advocate for CBD products, which have been proven to help tackle pain, overcome anxiety and help boost performance. 

By publicly endorsing the benefits of CBD, these athletes are playing a key role in promoting products that help millions of people across the globe. But who are these stars and what impact has CBD had on their careers? Join us as we look at some of the biggest stars who are advocating for CBD products. 

Rob Gronkowski

Nicknamed “Gronk”, Rob Gronkowski is one of the most recognizable names in NFL history, a four-time Super Bowl champion who recently came out of retirement to add another title to his collection alongside Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

A larger-than-life figure, Gronk called it quits in 2019 aged just 29, thanks to the toll that professional football had taken on his body. So how did he go from early retirement to adding another Super Bowl ring to his collection in a little over 12 months? The answer is CBD, which Gronk says enabled him to fight off pain and return to the gridiron. He’s such a believer in the benefits of CBD that he’s even gone into business to promote his own range of topical products. 

Megan Rapinoe 

Winner of a Ballon d’Or, an Olympic Gold, a World Cup, and countless domestic and personal accolades – Megan Rapinoe’s achievements both on and off the field needs no introduction. What you may not know about one of the soccer world’s most recognizable stars however is that she is a passionate advocate for CBD. 

Like many athletes, Rapinoe has battled a string of injuries throughout her career, including ACL tears in both of her knees. However she is a firm believer in the power of CBD to help manage her pain, she has also been outspoken on CBD products’ potential to help aid sleep and ease anxiety. She’s so passionate about the power of CBD that she’s teamed up with her sister to develop products specifically tailored for athletes as well as publicly advocating for better awareness about the treatment of pain in pro sports.

Nate Diaz

If you are one of the growing numbers of people that enjoy UFC fighters going toe-to-toe in the Octagon, you will know full well the kind of punishment these athletes put their bodies through. That physical and mental toll could explain why so many MMA fighters have publicly spoken about their support for CBD. Chief among them is perhaps Nate Diaz, the 35-year-old Welterweight fighter who holds the record for the sport’s biggest pay-per-view audience after his iconic bout with Connor McGregor in 2016. Outside of his achievements in MMA however, Diaz is an outspoken supporter of CBD and talks passionately about how it has helped him combat inflammation and recovery after a fight.

Charley Hoffman

In recent years CBD has become the not-so-secret weapon for many of the sport’as top stars. Charley Hoffman is just one of the A-list athletes to support CBD, joining the likes of Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, and Lucas Glover who have all endorsed products and their benefits. Like many people, golfers benefit from CBD’s ability to aid recovery. But CBD products have also gained support within the sport for their ability to reduce anxiety and improve concentration levels, both of which are key to success both on and off the course. 

Eddie Hall 

When the World’s Strongest Man starts talking about the potential benefits of CBD products, then people tend to take notice. Officially crowned in 2017, Eddie Hall is one of the most physically powerful men on earth and is the only man to date to deadlift 500kg in an international competition. Via social media and interviews, Hall has repeatedly spoken about CBD’s ability to help with everything from sleep to appetite regulation, even going so far as to call it “the ultimate recovery tool.” 

It’s not just sports stars who can benefit from CBD. LUFF Brands is using plant-based science to produce CBD products that help you fulfill the potential of everyday life. Whether you’re looking to take your fitness game to the next level or just boost your everyday wellbeing, our range of superfood-infused gummies, tinctures and topicals are custom-built for you.

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